Maryam is a first-rate and gifted practitioner.   I have worked with her closely now for over 11 years. Her work is tailored on the needs of every individual and founded on the premise that everyone can be helped to connect with their own unique inner potential. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing a caring and empathic therapist.

Stephen Paul, Past Director The Centre for Psychological Therapies, Leeds Metropolitan University, Author, ‘The Therapeutic Relationship’ and ‘Love and Therapy, in Relationship.’

Client testimonials

“Counselling has helped me deal with everyday difficult situations, negative thoughts and how to change my mindset…”

“I would definitely recommend counselling with you to others. It helped talking instead of letting things build up…”

“I would recommend counselling with Maryam, she has great knowledge and insight, I benefited from her experience of working with culture and religion. Maryam helped me overcome and manage past trauma’s this has been life changing for me”

“I started to notice the difference after a few sessions, we worked together to help me understand and overcome my OCD”

“We spend our money on so many other things in life – I am so glad I decided to invest in my mental health and start counselling with you. I have noticed the difference you have made, you are very gifted and experienced counsellor..the changes in my wellbeing and the understanding I have gained about my mental health is priceless. Thank you”

“Everything was explained to me clearly in urdu, Maryam was very good at helping me understand and find meaning after my bereavement….this helped bring back my confidence and I am starting to feel much better after counselling”


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